Frequently asked questions

About Us

  • What Is Idealz?

    Idealz is an online store with a twist. For every purchase made, Idealz gives its customers a complimentary Prize Draw ticket where they can win a luxury prize.

  • I’m new to Idealz, how does it work?

    Our website/App features a full tutorial. You can access this tutorial at any time by clicking this link.

  • How can I access

    Idealz is available on desktop, smart phone, tablet and via our interactive kiosks.

  • Is Idealz available on Android and IOS?

    Yes. Idealz is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

  • How to find us?

    Idealz HQ is situated in Dubai. Outlet stores will be coming soon to the region, in the meantime, if you have any inquiries please go to our ‘Contact Us’ page.

  • What countries does Idealz operate in?

    Idealz is accessible globally. For full details on product/prize collection for international users, please see our ‘Draw Terms & Conditions’.


  • Why should I register an account with Idealz?

    To complete a purchase with Idealz you must have a registered account. This is for your security and protection.

  • How do I set up my Idealz account?

    To create an account simply click ‘Login/Register’ in the top right hand corner of your screen and enter your details in the fields highlighted.

  • How do I edit my Idealz account?

    To edit your account, click on your name/photo icon located in the main menu. Tap profile section to edit and click 'Save changes' to complete.

  • Can I use someone else’s credit card in my Idealz account to complete a purchase?

    If you have the card holder’s permission, you can use/save any credit card to complete your purchase.

  • How do I ‘Logout’ of my Idealz account?

    To ‘Logout’ simply click on your name/photo in the top right hand corner and select ‘Logout’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Will I receive ‘push notifications’ if I ‘Logout’?

    You will receive only general notifications when logged out, to receive account related information you must ‘Login’. 

  • I can’t remember my Idealz account password!

    At ‘Login’ select ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions for password reset.

  • I want to change my password!

    To change your password, click on your name/photo in the top right hand corner and select ‘My Account’. From here select the ‘Account’ tab to change your password.

  • What Credit Cards does Idealz accept?

    Idealz accepts all major credit/debits cards including (but not limited to): Visa,MasterCard and Amex.

  • How do I close my Idealz account?

    To close your account you must notify us in writing (from your registered email account) at: Hereafter, a dedicated member of our support team will assist you within 48 hrs.

  • Why am I receiving ‘push notifications’/emails from Idealz?

    Idealz is not in the business of spamming or bombarding its users with irrelevant ‘push notifications’/emails. Any notices sent by Idealz have been deemed relevant to your user experience.


  • How frequently do new Idealz campaigns emerge?

    New campaigns are created instantly at the close of an existing campaign. There is no set time limit per campaign, however, you can expect new campaigns to emerge frequently.

  • Will the product/prize categories expand?

    New products and prizes are on their way, stay tuned for some exciting campaigns.

Making a Purchase

  • Are there any hidden charges I should be aware of?

    There are no hidden charges on any Idealz purchase. You should however CHECK with your bank to see if they apply any transaction/processing fees.

  • Will I be charged VAT?

    Yes! As of January 1st, 2018 all purchases will incur 5% VAT.

  • What currencies can I use to purchase an Idealz product?

    Idealz currently only accepts Dirhams and US Dollars. You can make a purchase from Idealz via any bank account with any currency - however, Idealz will not accept responsibility for final billings which have been affected by exchange rates or fees (hidden or otherwise) as imposed by your branch.

  • Can I cancel/refund an Idealz purchase order?

    As per the ‘User Agreement’ all sales purchases are final and no refunds are given under any circumstances.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Payment via instalments is a feature we will be adding very soon, please stay tuned for updates.

Idealz Products

  • Where can I collect my Idealz products?

    All Idealz products can be collected directly from Idealz HQ, please read the ‘User Agreement’ prior to making/collecting a purchase.

  • Can I send someone else to collect my Idealz products?

    Only the registered account holder, or (and at our discretion), any individual with ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) can collect the registered account holders’ Idealz purchase. Emirates ID or passport are the only acceptable forms of identification (please ensure your identification is up to date).


  • What are i-Points?

    You will receive i-Points with every purchase, these can be collected and used to make purchases.

  • How can I earn more i-Points?

    You can increase the number of i-Points you earn on every purchase by improving your tier status.

  • Can I transfer i-Points?

    i-Points are currently non-transferable.

  • Can I combine i-Points with cash?

    Yes, i-Points can be combined with cash to complete a purchase. This feature is only available when you have insufficient points to complete a transaction.

  • Can I purchase i-Points?

    Currently it is not possible to purchase i-Points.


  • What are the membership levels?

    Idealz uses membership levels to keep track of and reward its customers.

  • What are the benefits of membership levels?

    The higher your level status, the greater the amount of i-Points you can earn on every purchase, for example, if you reach VIP status, you will receive 20 i-Points with every AED100 spent.

  • How many levels do you have?

    There are four levels within Idealz: New member, Advanced, Premium and VIP.

  • How can I get promoted to a higher level?

    Promotions to higher levels occur through transactions. The more i-Points you accrue, the higher you climb. Promotions to new levels occur automatically and instantly.

  • How do I maintain my level status?

    All i-Points are valid for a trailing 12-month period. If you do not spend enough from the date of level acquisition (across a 12-month period) your level status will be recalculated and adjusted to reflect this.

Idealz Prizes

  • Where can I collect my Idealz prize?

    Details on where to collect your prize will be sent to you (aka the 'winner') via email. For full details please refer to the 'Draw Terms & Conditions'

  • Can I send someone else to collect my Prize?

    Only the registered account holder, or (and at our discretion), any individual with ‘Power of Attorney’ (POA) can collect the registered account holders’ Idealz Prize. Emirates ID or passport are the only acceptable forms of identification (please ensure your identification is up to date).

  • What if I don’t want people to know I’ve won the Idealz prize draw?

    As per the ‘Draw Terms & Conditions', Idealz has the right to use your image, name and any statements made across their marketing channels (physical/digital). 

  • Can I view past winners of the Idealz campaign draws?

    You will be able to view past winners of Idealz campaigns via our social media channels, as well as our up and coming 'news' segment

  • How will I be notified about the status of the campaign: 'Coming Soon'/'Launched'/'Ending'/'Closed'.?

    Idealz will send ‘Push Notifications’/emails to notify all ticket holders as to the status of each campaign.


  • Are my personal details secure with Idealz?

    Idealz does not store nor save any sensitive Credit Card information on its servers. Credit Card details that are registered with us are stored securely through the ‘Checkout’ secure online payment gateway. For further information please click this link.

  • Will I be spammed by Idealz?



  • Careers

    For job vacancy inquiries, please click ‘Help Centre’ in the Main Menu and select ‘Inquiries’ from the list.

  • Need to ask us something?

    If you have any inquiries related to any aspect of your Idealz experience, please open the Main Menu and select ‘Help Centre’ from the list. From here you can select to phone/email us with any questions you may have.